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Autism awareness is no longer an uncommon concept, however, awareness also needs a call-to-action backed by advocates pushing for acceptance and inclusion. My Autism Tribe is dedicated to providing not only educational resources and support for autism families , but also integrating programs and events throughout communities. By applying strong commitments and strategies for acceptance in our communities, we can promote substantial and foundational change needed to better support all people with autism.

With events such as Grazing Awareness, Clips for a Cause, and our Autism Parent Programs (APPs), we extend our reach of support and information beyond just autism families. If you or someone you know wants more information on hosting an event in your community or being a part of My Autism Tribe, please contact us. Every voice counts in inclusion.



introducing dinosprout

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The DinoSprout Educational Book Series is an A-Z collection of books focusing on every child’s special needs. Through this series, the mission is to provide children, parents, and educators with resources that cultivate healthy conversations in a world of special needs. Featuring lovable dinosaurs, the books encourage children to learn about others and themselves…all while having fun!

Stella, the Sweet and Spunky Stegosaurus is nonverbal, but wants to find a friend! With a tail that wiggles and jiggles, she is often misunderstood…until she finds friendship with Drew the Dryosaurus. A heartwarming story of perseverance and inclusivity, Stella will capture a forever place in your heart. YOU DON’T NEED A VOICE TO FIND A FRIEND.

Toby, the Terrific and Talented T-Rex feels a lot of things very much. As Toby and his mother explore the world, he discovers textures, sounds, and smells that just don’t feel very good. In fact, they can be scary. Toby is comforted by his mother and learns that he can take breaks to calm his body. Exploration and adventures are fun, and you can set your own pace. That’s ok because SOMETIMES THE WORLD CAN FEEL LIKE TOO MUCH.

Alex, the Awesome and Artsy Allosaurus worries a lot about a lot of stuff. His best friend, Hadley the Hadrosaurus, helps him find something that calms his mind, but that’s not all. Alex discovers a talent that not many dinosaurs have. Sometimes you just have to find what works for you! FREE YOUR MIND AND LET YOUR WORRIES GO.