How It All Began

My Son, My Hero

There’s one thing that I know for sure. It’s not complicated and is without hesitation – my son is my hero.
On May 4th, 2016 (1:35 pm to be exact) my son received his diagnosis of autism at the age of 2-1/2. At this time, he was non-verbal, little to no eye contact, repetitive behaviors, eating only 3 different foods, and slowly folding into his own world. I promised my son that I would make his fight my fight, too. My voice would be his voice, and through it all, we would remain steadfast in our faith.
Our journey hasn’t been an easy one. We have struggled to find resources readily available, and have heard there are “significant and indefinite” waiting lists more than we care to share.
Amidst all of the emails, phone calls, insurance dilemmas, and therapy conversations, there grows a certain level of loneliness. A parent or caregiver can quickly lose sight of their own identity and can struggle with finding a place to fit in. I remember many times asking myself, “Where are my people?” Sometimes I want to talk to someone that “gets it”. That “been there done that” kinda thing.
Well, this is my tribe, and I want it to be yours, too. We are in it together – as friends, partners, community…a tribe.
With great love,
Susan Mills
Founder, Executive Director
My Autism Tribe